The OER university: from vision to reality

Posted on April 20, 2012


Here are the slides from the presentation I gave at the Cambridge 2012 Conference on the research I’ve been doing over the last few months into the OER university (OERu):

I hope to do a voice-over via slidecast soon…
One of my questions to the audience during the presentation was, “What is the OERu?” I gave them a clue in the form of the following slide:
We had some fun talking about whether the OERu was the spiderweb (the network of institutions), the grass (the framework that holds the network up) or the grassroots (all the stakeholders who make it possible). I think it’s all of those things… but I’m open to correction 😉
It was great to have Judith Murray (Thompson Rivers University, Canada), Sandra Wills (University of Wollongong, Australia) and Dianne Conrad (Athabasca University, Canada), all from OERu Anchor Partner institutions, in the room, and to be able to direct questions from the floor to them after the presentation. The question that received the most attention was: “What credibility does a certificate or credential issued via the OERu have?” All three of the OERu Anchor Partner members replied by saying that their institutions would give identical certificates for achievements reached via the OERu as they would give to students who successfully complete courses on a fee-paying basis.The certificates are outcomes-based, and do not differentiate between the various routes that students may have taken to demonstrate those outcomes.
Thanks to everyone who participated in this session – please add comments below if you’d like to!
Gabi Witthaus, 20 April 2012
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